The two smaller guns were found next to each other in the stern of the wreck. These guns were not excavated so the measurements are taken from the concretion rather than the guns themselves.

SCW27 measured c.1.6m with a muzzle face diameter of 0.25m and SCW28 had a length of 1.5m with a muzzle face diameter of 0.23m. Guns carried by VOC ships of around this length would typically fire a four pound shot with a bore of 81mm. The canister SCW740 had a diameter of 82mm and would fit well with this however two round shot (SCW904 & 1366) were recovered with diameters of 89 and 92mm suggesting that they may be 6 pounder guns.

It is also possible that these guns are the type described as mignons of iron mentioned in the 1630 VOC decree. The names of guns can be misleading as they were not standardised until the 18th century and the sizes and weights differed between countries, Norton (1628) describes minions as being 7½’ (2.3m) with a 3¾” bore (92mm) but only firing a 3¾ pound shot


Length 1600 mm
Bore 80-90 mm