Bottom: complete insole, midsole and sole with oval toe, natural tread, medium waist and seat with rolled welt 18mm wide and stitching medium well preserved. Insole covered by the remains of a textile insock, it appears to be worn flesh side upward with edge/grain seam. The sole worn away along the outer edge has a single row of grain/flesh stitching within a heavily worn stitching channel. An additional tread sole, or tread clump repair, now much delaminated and torn, has a row of large holes likely to come from wooden pegs. A strip of edge packing at the lateral (right) side of the tread area between the midsole and sole and a single heel lift at the seat between the midsole and the sole. Insole length 230mm; width tread 80mm, waist 28mm, seat 40mm.

Upper: complete oval-toed vamp worn through at the great toe joint and now broken on the left side (but present attached at the lasting margin of the bottom) and much delaminated. The side seams are now lost but the vamp extends up the instep into a long round-ended tongue with a pair of oval lace holes. Left quarters with butted edge/grain back seam c. 85mm high, stitch length 3mm, and plain cut top edge extending into a narrow latchet with a slightly expanded end with cropped corners and an oval lace hole. The quarters are delaminated and the front seam is now missing but was approximately 35mm high. No stitching from a heel stiffener or strengthening cord originally present. Leather upper vamp delaminating bovine (calfskin) 2mm thick

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Size Adult 1-2(33-34)