Leather front-tie latchet fastening shoe, decorated, welted construction, right foot, almost complete, Adult 3(35).


Bottom: compete insole, midsole and sole with oval toe, natural tread, relatively narrow waist and medium seat with rolled welt around the seat and three pieces of broken welt from elsewhere. Insole has edge/flesh seam, stitch length 8mm, and impression of bracing thread on underside. Sole broken at the great toe joint with a crescent-shaped repair clump added to the toe and outer edge of the tread and held by wooden pegs, the sole seat has the seam within a worn stitching channel visible and worn down remains of a seat clump held by wooden pegs. A heel lift is present between the midsole and sole at the seat. Insole length 232mm; width tread 77mm, waist 26mm, seat 42mm

Upper: delaminated and deteriorated vamp broken at the toe and at the instep area with remains of the low side seams 35mm high, a curving open side on the left side and the beginning of tongue with a single line of oblique slashed decoration present, maximum slit length 6mm, running across the instep below the tongue. Delaminated remains of the right quarter 80+mm high at the back seam, with a narrow latchet expanding slightly into a rounded terminal with cropped corners and an oval lace hole and the left quarters with the latchet and seams now missing. The quarters are decorated by a series of oblique rows of single widely-spaced slits, 5-6mm long, alternating with rows of small paired slits each 2-3mm long. Upper leather vamp bovine c. 1.9mm thick, quarters bovine 2.27mm, now delaminated.