Leather shoe, welted construction, right foot, incomplete, adult size


Bottom: near complete oval toe, natural waist, medium waist and seat. Tread sole with grain/flesh seam, sole with grain/flesh seam within a worn stitching channel, worn away around the seat edge and peg holes to attach a separate sole or clump to the seat (now missing). Tread area of the insole, irregularly broken away across the upper waist area with moulded grain/flesh seam, stitch length 7mm (conserved). Two pieces of midsole edge packing with grain/flesh seam and two fragments of rolled welt 11mm wide. No larger than adult 4(37) estimated from sole length.

Upper: toe and front part of vamp survives adhering to the tread area of the insole, no side seams or other features preserved. A double, parallel horizontal slash present across the toe area to relieve pressure. Leather upper heavily worn, little grain pattern surviving, bovine 1.86mm thick. Sole length 250mm; width tread 100mm, waist 47mm, seat 55mm (all conserved). Only seen dry following conservation.