Leather Bucket


The buckets is made of cattle hide and measuring c. 285mm/just under 12ins,  It is comprised two principle components; a body panel joined with a single, vertical, edge/grain butted seam, and a separate circular base. The base was attached by a double row of stitching, the seam protected by a covering strip. The mouth was supported around the exterior of the rim by a ring of thick, plied and twisted rope, protected by a leather covering strip. The handle of narrower, twisted and plied rope with a leather cover was attached to the bucket by a stout suspension loop sewn in place to a vertical supporting strip with the ends protected from wear by the mouth (rim) band.  All that remained of the attachment loop on the opposite side were the ends of a simple looped strip sewn directly to the mouth area of the bucket panel with no corresponding strengthening strip.

This would suggest that the single, vertical strip had been intended solely to protect and waterproof the seam and not provide additional strength to the handle attachment as might first be supposed, perhaps suggesting that the intended contents of the bucket had been lightweight.  When recovered, the bucket had concretions on the outside of the body panel and large lumps of concretion within. Hemispherical and linear shapes were revealed in radiograph and, along with the impression of wood grain, might tentatively be interpreted as suggesting the former presence of a wooden powder ladle or shot gauge and measure inside the bucket.

Additional Photos: