Leather shoe, front tie latchet fastening, welted construction, left foot, incomplete, Adult size 3(35)


Bottom: complete bottom with oval toe, natural tread, medium waist and seat. Insole (344) now torn in two across the narrow waist, with grain/flesh seam, stitch length 7-8mm, worn flesh side upward to the foot. Midsole and sole (341), worn at edges of the tread, sole worn through at the tread, both with grain/flesh seam within worn stitching channel. Small areas of pegged repair at the tread and a seat clump repair attached with many wooden pegs at the seat, waist and toe areas. Three heel lifts inserted between the midsole and sole at the seat. Rolled welt (344), max 12-14mm wide, around tread and down the lateral side. Insole length 230mm, width tread 78mm, waist 26mm, seat 48mm.

Upper: Quarters (341), with finely sewn, butted edge/grain back seam, stitch length 2.5mm, 85mm high. Low, edge/flesh butted front seams 28mm high, top edge broken and latchets missing. Left quarters has a large lining incorporated into the front seam and attached with whip stitching along the top edge and along the line of the back seam. The calfskin lining, 0.70mm thick, lining, is placed flesh outward to the foot. Stitching from a similar lining present on the left quarter. Leather quarters worn bovine (cattle hide) 2.60mm thick