Leather shoe, welted construction, left foot, incomplete, Adult 4(37)


Bottom: complete insole with oval/slightly squared toe, petal-shaped tread, narrow waist and medium seat, edge/grain seam, stitch length 8-9mm (conserved). Place flesh side upward to the foot with Impression of bracing thread at waist and seat on the grain side and many small holes made by the end of wooden pegs at the tread and seat areas indicating repairs to the sole (now missing). The end of the seat has been cut off and there is an oblique slash at the toe. Welt, max 9mm wide (conserved), surviving around the forepart and along left (lateral) side of the waist and seat. Insole length 242mm; width tread 78mm waist 24mm seat 45mm.

Upper: vamp worn through at the toe, with much of the instep area cut away and only short lengths of the butted edge/flesh side seams remaining on each side to a maximum height of 20mm. Irregular secondary slashes present along the cut edge and a vertical slash toward the toe. Upper leather bovine (cattle hide) 2.79mm thick