Leather front-tie latchet fastening shoe, welted construction, right foot, almost complete, estimated size Adult 6(39)


Bottom: complete midsole and sole with oval/round toe, natural tread, medium waist and seat, insole missing. Midsole of sheep/goatskin with large hole worn through at the waist with midsole packing beneath and edge packing at the sides of the tread. Rolled welt surviving along right side and at the tread on the left. Sole worn away at the toe and exterior edge of the seat, with additional tread and seat clumps made from old shoe parts and attached with wooden pegs over the entire surface. Midsole length 260mm; width tread 93mm, waist 51mm, seat 65mm.
Upper: oval toed vamp with low butted edge/flesh side seams, 45mm high (conserved), right seam torn away and grain/flesh stitching marks the former position of a repair patch at this point. Vamp with pair of small lace holes at the instep extends into a tongue with a tongue extension, now missing, attached by a butted edge/flesh seam. Quarters with butted edge/grain back seam c. 90mm high (conserved) and edge/flesh side seams. Plain cut straight top edge extending into narrow latchets with pointed ends with oval lace holes. Stitching medium present in back seam. Leather quarters worn cattle hide 2.40-290mm thick.